How to Make a Wig. BASIC WIG MAKING 101/ Beginners Guide.

Oct 11 , 2023

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How to Make a Wig. BASIC WIG MAKING 101/ Beginners Guide.

How to Make a Wig.

BASIC WIG MAKING 101/ Beginners Guide.


Tools Required: Dome Wig Cap, Mannequin head, T-pins, Curved Needle and Thread, Hair Clips, Hair Combs, Scissors, Marker, Plus hair: Choose Closure or Frontal for the top of the head and 3-4 bundles for base of cap.  

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Before we begin: We recommend you start with shorter hair extension pieces. 10-14 Inch is great, while you learn how to make your wig. Starting with quality hair makes this process easier, as you are not dealing with tangles and knots. We recommend using Peruvian, Brazilian, Vietnamese hair as these hairs are stronger and thicker and easier to work with. 
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Foundations of making a wig by hand



STEP ONE: Place dome cap over mannequin head. Ensure that the dome cap is centered.

STEP TWO: Use two T-pins at the nape of the wig cap to hold in place at the nape of the neck, just where your natural hairline finishes.

STEP THREE: Apply either your frontal or closure over the dome cap onto the top center of the mannequin head and then start pinning it down, ensuring that the front of the closure/ frontal is 1/4th of an inch in front of the dome cap.

STEP FOUR: Once you are satisfied that your frontal or closure is secure at the center, start pinning down the sides and work your way around finishing at the dome cap.

how to make a wig step by step. 1

how to make a wig step 2. Marking 

THE MARKING - Preparations for wefts.

STEP FIVE: Temporarily pin or clip your frontal/ closure up and out of the way.

STEP SIX: Mark Use your marker for drawing where you want your wefts to be sewn . First - Trace around your frontal/ closure onto the dome cap, and then draw the foundations for laying out the wefts.

Note: If you’re using a sewing machine, draw each line approximately 2cm apart, and if you’re sewing by hand, you should make each line slightly closer together. Keep in mind the number of bundles you are using when doing this. Fewer bundles require fewer lines and more bundles mean more lines closer together as you go up the dome cap. Regardless of using a closure or frontal, you must ensure the lines curve around and up the crown until you get to the outline.


How to make a wig step 3. the sewing

How to make a wig Step 4. Sewing


THE SEWING: Sew by hand.

STEP SEVEN: Grab your needle and thread, Approx. 30-40cm or an arm’s length and run the thread through your curved tip needle. Make sure your needle and thread is even then tie two knots at one end to secure it.

STEP EIGHT: Starting at the bottom of the dome cap, Align your first weft where you marked your line. Place the needle and thread through the dome cap first and then through the track of the weft to secure the edges creating a stable knot.

Please note, you will only do these knots for the start and end of weft track.

STEP NINE: Continue to sew the wefts following your guided lines.. Make sure you sew through the dome cap and around the weft track as you bring the needle through, pull the needle and thread through the loop on the left side,( this helps to preserve the longevity of the weft) then bring it through the loop again to create a more secure sewing pattern.

How to make a wig step 4. The completion

how to make a wig step 4 - finish

STEP 10: Continue following the same steps, by 1. secure each row first with double knots, 2. sew along each weft following your guided lines, 3. secure row with double knots.

When you have covered the full head. Untie the frontal/closure and comb the hair all together.


YAY, You have your first Wig. How did it turn out? We love celebrating your efforts. Send us a pic via email or our socials for a chance to showcase your style. 

If you love wearing wigs, then learning how to make your own is one skill to have under your belt. Learning how to make a wig by hand can be a rewarding experience.  It’s a perfect balance of affordability and crafty fun, plus it is something to be proud of as your wear your new hair out. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a pro in no time and the creation process and hair designs you can come up with is limitless.

At Bella Hair, we have worked with many couture wig makers and have learned some of the best techniques, stay tuned as we dive deeper into DIY wig making... the couture way.

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