Different hair grades explained. Remy, Virgin, Raw?

Different hair grades explained. Remy, Virgin, Raw?

At the end of the day, does different hair grades really matter?

Unlocking the Beauty of Different Hair Grades.

When it comes to hair extensions, it is one seemingly confusing task to really trust the labels, as not all hair extensions are the same despite the same wording in their product description. The quality and source of the hair can make a significant difference with the end result, but does it really matter and make a difference?

 In this blog, we'll explore three distinct hair grade terms: Remy, Virgin, and Raw, and shed light on the fascinating world of hair sourcing and processing.

Remy Hair: A Mix of Origins

Remy hair is a well-known term in the world of hair extensions. This hair is a blend of strands from various donors. It's 100% human hair, but the exact source of each strand remains unknown. As a result, Remy hair goes through more extensive processing to ensure uniformity in the bundles.

Processing methods can vary, with some involving heavy chemical treatments that strip the hair's natural qualities to avoid aligning the cuticles, so most cheap human hair extensions are just a bunch of hairs that are processed so much that no cuticles exist. The process it takes to ensure the hairs are aligned is a step most factories try to eliminate and this is why they can offer it at a cheap rate. In the long run, it results in knots, tangles, and won’t go the distance. However Remy hairs that have foregone the cuticle alignment process to keep the integrity of each hair strand in tact, has given the hair industry the confidence as labelling Remy hair as the best and most affordable option.  This is why Remy hair prices can fluctuate greatly – the processing techniques are as diverse as the hair sources themselves.

Virgin Hair: The Single-Source Sensation

Virgin hair and Remy hair are used interchangeably, but the origin of the hairs is more a known factor. Virgin hairs takes a different approach. It's sourced from known donors, guaranteeing when its cut, the cuticles are aligned.  Most donor hair comes in around 100g quantities, which may not be sufficient for creating high-volume wigs or hair extensions. To address this, additional strands are often combined to achieve the desired fullness, so it is matched with other single sourced virgin hair, not loose strands like Remy. If any kind of processing of the hair is involved whether from donor or in manufacturer, it is no longer in a raw state so then it will be classified as virgin hair 

While Virgin hair undergoes some processing through its journey, it's done with utmost care and gentleness compared to Remy hair. This distinction results in a product that maintains the purity of its source.

Raw Hair: Nature's Finest

Raw hair is the pinnacle of natural hair extensions. It originates from carefully selected donors with an unprocessed and chemical-free history. To ensure the highest quality, these donors are subjected to a rigorous selection process.

Raw hair has never been chemically treated, making it exceptionally resilient and long-lasting. It can withstand various color treatments and styling methods, and its longevity can range from 3 to 8 years with proper care. Raw hair is often more expensive due to the limited availability of such donors.

All Raw hair is naturally black (#1b) or comes in various shades of brown. If you desire colored hair, it's worth noting that some processing is necessary to achieve these looks. The Raw hair processing Bella Hair uses, opt for the organic approach to achieve the desired look to keep the integrity of its natural state.


The Raw Advantage

Choosing Raw hair over Remy can provide you with longer-lasting extensions with the most realistic look. With its ability to withstand various treatments, Raw hair is an investment in long-term radiance. Remy is ideal if you don’t mind buying a new set every 6-12 months and are not bothered by the quality difference of the natural strands of RAW and Virgin.. 

After finding the most devine authentic Raw SEA hair, we knew we had to stock the Raw version of our Pony and Bundle Ranges and will be adding additional products of wigs, clip-ins in the coming year. 

Are you ready to hop on the Raw hair train with us?

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