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How To Put On Your Instant Clip In Ponytail

model wearing 26" clip in ponytail - Bella Hair

How To Put On Your Instant Clip In Ponytail

Achieving instant, effortless volume has never been easier! Whether it’s for an everyday on-the-go look, trying to avoid a bad hair day or for a big night out with the girls, our The Luxe Instant Clip In Ponytail is just what you need! 

This best-selling Ponytail extension is made from premium 100% human hair and available in a variety of shades, lengths and volume options to choose from. Not to mention it’s SUPER EASY to install, meaning you can install it yourself at home in minutes and re-use it again and again! 

So salon bookings and long waiting times are a thing of the past! 

“Thank you so much😍😍😍 hair is amazing quality and ponytail so easy to use !”


Step-by-Step Tutorial on Installing your Luxe Instant Clip in Ponytail:

With our easy-to-follow tutorial,  you’ll have your desired look in no time! 

FREE Colour Matching

Not sure on your shade? Our colour matching service is here to help! Drop us an email or a DM on social media and we’ll have you matched up to your closest shade in no time!

Ready to transform your look? Shop the Luxe Clip in Ponytail now and save 10% when you use the code ‘NEW10’ at checkout!

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