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How to Make a Wig by Hand: Beginners Guide 

how to make a wig - bella hair blog

How to Make a Wig by Hand: Beginners Guide 

Who doesn’t want to learn how to make a wig by hand? It’s affordable, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a pro in no time. In this guide, you can learn about the tools and products required, where to start and how to finish your first ever wig! 

how to make a wig by hand - bella hair blog
handmade Brazilian body wave wig

What you need to make a wig by hand

handmade wig kit
  • Closure/ Frontal 
  • Three to four weft bundles 
  • Dome Wig Cap 
  • Metallic Marker 
  • Mannequin head (Preferably with holder) 
  • Curved Needle & Thread (or Sewing Machine) 
  • Scissors 
  • T-pins 
  • Hair clips
  • Hair combs (Optional)

Above is everything you’ll need to successfully make your own wig. Tip: if you’re stuck on where to purchase some of these items, Amazon or eBay are great places to get looking!

Applying the Closure/ Frontal 

how to make a wig with a lace closure or frontal - bella hair blog
Body wave 13×4 lace frontal and 4×4 lace closure

Firstly, you will need the dome cap and mannequin head. Ensure that the dome cap is centered, and then hold it in place using two T-pins at the nape of the wig cap to mimic the nape of your hairline. 

To start the foundations of the wig, you will need your frontal or closure. Centre it on top of the mannequin head on top of the dome cap and then start pinning it down, ensuring that the front of the closure/ frontal is 1/4th of an inch in front of the dome cap. 

After pinning the centre, pinning down the sides is quite simple as you can pin them straight down. The end of the closure/ frontal needs pinning at the end of the dome cap. 

Marking and Preparation for Wefts 

Temporarily pin the frontal/ closure up and out of the way so you can start marking out the lines for the bundles. Trace the outline of your frontal/ closure onto the dome cap, and then draw the foundation for laying out the wefts. 

If you’re using a sewing machine, draw each line approximately 2cm apart, and if you’re sewing by hand, you should make each line slightly closer together. Keep in mind the number of bundles you are using when doing this. Fewer bundles require fewer lines and more bundles mean more lines closer together as you go up the dome cap. Regardless of using a closure or frontal, you must ensure the lines curve around and up the crown until you get to the outline. 

Adding the Wefts 

adding wefts to wig cap when making a wig - bella hair blog
Adding wefts to a handmade wig

Now it’s time to start sewing! We will explain how to sew by hand since it’s the more accessible option. First, you need your thread, cut off about an arm’s length and run one end through your curved tip needle. Even out the needle and thread, tying two knots at one end to secure it. Get your first weft and line it up with the bottom line on the dome cap. Put the needle and thread through the dome cap and then through the track of the weft. You will only do this for the start and finish of a weft track. 

After putting it through, feed the needle through the hole of the thread, and this will create a more secure start as it creates a knot at the beginning of the weft. 

As you continue to sew the weft on, two things are essential. Sew through the dome cap and around the weft track, then when you bring the needle through, you need to pull the needle and thread through the loop on the left side, helping to preserve the longevity of the weft and then bring it through the loop again to create a more secure sewing pattern. 

Once you get to the end of the track, you need to sew through the dome cap, and weft then create a knot at the end of the thread by wrapping it around the needle 2 to 3 times. Once you pull through, pull tightly, and it will create a natural knot securing the end. 

Repeat and Finish 

You have now learnt how to add a full weft to your wig. All that is left to do is repeat the process. Continue following the same steps to sew on each weft along each line until you have a complete product. 

If you followed this guide on how to make a wig by hand and made your first ever wig, we congratulate you! However, if you’ve not started yet, we hope it helps when the time arises. 

Enjoyed learning how to make a wig by hand? 

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