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Hair Extension Care

Human hair extensions, just like your natural hair, require consistent up-keep. Ultimately, how you care for your hair extensions affects their lifespan. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks below to help you get the best out of your hair extensions and keep them healthy and soft for longer.


It is important to gently brush your hair extensions everyday using a soft-bristled brush or comb. This will minimise tangling and shedding. Tying your hair extensions neatly when you sleep will also minimise tangling and make brushing easier the following day.

Before washing your hair extensions, gently brush them, working your way up from the ends. Take extra care when brushing your hair extensions when they are wet.


When washing your hair extensions extra care must be given using lukewarm water, shampoo and conditioner. You should brush your hair extensions prior to a hair wash, working your way up from the ends, using a soft-bristled brush or comb. This ensures minimum shedding and tangling. Air drying your hair extensions will also minimise dryness/dry ends and heat damage. 

Regularly deep conditioning your hair extensions using lukewarm water and a generous amount of conditioner or hair mask ensures that the hair extensions are rehydrated. Excessively washing your hair extensions is likely to dry them out quickly.

Unlike your natural hair, hair extensions do not have any natural oils so oil hair serums are recommended (especially after washing or deep conditioning your hair extensions) to maintain a healthy glow, softness and ensure a longer life span.


Using a heat protectant on your hair extensions when using a heated appliance is recommended in order to avoid heat damage to the hair extensions. Using minimal heat on the hair extensions ensures that they are less prone to heat damage and dryness.


Curly hair extensions typically require more care in order to maintain their original curl patten. They are also naturally more prone to dryness. For these reasons, we recommend regularly finger combing through the hair throughout the day in order to ensure minimal tangling, shedding and matting. When caring for your curly hair extensions, you should use products intended for use on curly hair specifically such as anti-frizz serums and creams. Ensure that the hair extensions are hydrated by deep conditioning regularly.


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