These hairs are really something.

They stand the test of time. Wash after Wash.

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Collection: The Bella Bold Membership Programs.

Bella Hair Membership

Bella - Beautiful  Bold - Confidence  Luxe - Luxury  Collectives - Selective


Our Memberships will give you the ultimate edge in your hair game.
  1. Bella Basics (For Free Membership)
    • Entry-level tier for new customers; includes basic perks and reward system on every purchase. .
  2. Bella Bella (For Bronze Membership)
    • A more exclusive level that offers some member-only sales, early access to new products, and a moderate discount on all items.
  3. Bella Bold (For Silver Membership)
    • A daring step above, offering exclusive designs or styles, higher discounts, and a once-a-year styling consultation to make a personalized style statement.
  4. Bella Luxe (For Gold Membership)
    • The top tier, offering a free premium hairpiece per year, highest discounts, a welcome kit, and priority customer service.