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Celebrity Hair Talk: 5 Must-Have Looks

celebrity hair talk beyonce ombré lace front wig

Celebrity Hair Talk: 5 Must-Have Looks

Ever get the sudden urge to upgrade your look and make a change to your hairstyle? Every year we get to see some of the most stunning celebrities flaunting flawlessly incredible styles. From red carpet moments, to vogue front covers; you name it. We’re covering some of the most iconic looks from Rihanna, Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj. If you want to style your next look just like them, we’ll guide you on how to do so with our luxurious range of human hair extensions. 


celebrity hair talk: rihanna

Rihanna is an absolute icon, and her hair over the years has spoken for her mood and personality alike. Not only is she a grammy-winning artist, but she’s an absolute hottie making some of the best fashion and style choices we could ever ask to see. 

RiRi bossed a deep side part with a light; loose waves look at a Fenty Beauty event during September 2018. However, it lives to this day as an essential celebrity hair talk look, and you should consider trying it out. 

Our bundle deals are the perfect products to achieve this look. We’ve designed our bundle deals to be easier to maintain and apply as well as helping you by making them more affordable when creating this desired look. No matter what texture and volume you require, our luxury weft hair bundles can get you feeling like a boss with this incredible RiRi look in no time. 


celebrity hair talk beyonce ombré lace front wig

Beyoncé grew up spending most of her childhood in her Mum’s (Tina Knowles) Houston hair salon, so it comes as no surprise that her glamourous locks have been an inspiration over the years. The former Destiny’s Child star has approached her looks with the same evolution as her career. It just gets better and better, and there’s no stopping Queen Bey. 

Our fave look is, without a doubt, this ombre blonde masterpiece, and it couldn’t get easier to recreate thanks to our Ombre Ready-to-Wear Luxury Wigs. It’s the ideal solution for you to perfect this Beyoncé look on the go. All lace wigs in our Ready-to-Wear collection come with customised pre-plucked 13×6 frontals, bleached knots, and secure hold (Wig band, adjustable strap & wig combs). 

Kylie Jenner 

celebrity hair talk kylie jenner clip in extensions

Kylie Jenner is the ideal babe to be featured in celebrity hair talk, as she’s forever changing her hair, making this a hard one to choose! We love how experimental she is with her hair, and we can’t wait to see what she tries next. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and Kylie Cosmetics founder is hard to keep up with, but you can try this look anytime with our dreamy clip-in extensions. 

If you’re looking to achieve this style with volume, shine, and easy maintenance, look no further. Our clip-ins come in various weights with double wefts, and better yet, you can tong and straighten them. 

Ariana Grande 

celebrity hair talk ariana grande

Ariana Grande rarely changes her hairstyle from a high ponytail or some form of space buns, but she pulls it off perfectly, and so can you. The Disney Channel star turned music chart-topper has created an iconic look for herself, and she loves to get creative with it using different textures, glam hair grips and the many cat ear headbands she loves to rock. 

To recreate this look, you’re going to need a ponytail, of course! We have an epic range of instant ponytails to get you on your way to rocking the most Grande tail you can find. With our variety of colours and sizes, you’re sure to find a ponytail that’s the perfect match for your hair. Better yet, you can choose from 18″ for the less dramatic look or go up to 26″ for ultimately dramatic length! 

Nicki Minaj 

celebrity hair talk nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj loves to be bold, and nobody can slow her down! She’s a girl on fire with vibrant colours and trendy changes to her style all the time. Let’s talk about that hair though, it’s so diverse that it could have its own celebrity hair talk blog each week, and there would always be a new style for you to try out. 

Nicki is known to use extensions and wigs to amp her looks whilst she protects her natural hair, and we’ve got some lush 613 Hair extensions for you to recreate some of her finest Barbie moments. Our 613 collection is the ideal go-to for premium quality gorgeous blonde hair. You can choose from a range of product types, sizes. Textures include straight, body waves, deep curly and loose waves. 

Stay tuned for our next celebrity hair talk!

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